Meet Our Expert Team of 
Data Scientists and Energy Specialists
With extensive experience in GB and European energy systems, we harness the power of software, machine learning, and data engineering to optimize renewable energy and storage assets. Partner with us as we collaborate with organizations focused on energy transition technologies, building robust data pipelines to propel the future of clean and efficient energy solutions.

Our Team

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Clement Attwood

Managing Director
As a data scientist with over a decade of applied research and analytics experience, Clements' work is now focussed on renewables and storage optimisation, including fast response and ancillary services participation in the UK power markets. Previously a research fellow at the UCL Energy Institute working on the application of machine learning for monitoring sustainable development and increasing grid resilience. Before his time at UCL, Clement was a research consultant with UNDP and the International Institute for Sustainable Development.
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Dylan Johnson

Commercial Director
Dylan has led various technical and non-technical projects for reputable organisations like Fleet Power, LNER, VOI Technology, Power to Change, and Eigenventures. Before joining FEA, Dylan was a Ph.D. candidate at University College London, focusing his research on the application of deep learning for innovative last-mile logistics in the UCL Mobility as a Service (MaaS) lab. Dylan holds a distinction in the MSc Energy Systems from UCL and an economics degree from Durham University.
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Connor Galbraith

Software Developer
Data scientist and engineer with wide-ranging experience in full-stack development, machine learning, and market research, working across the energy, aerospace, and maritime sectors. Focussing on the potential for massive societal change at the interface of cutting-edge software and the real world, by championing clean and competitive energy at a global scale. Previously has held research and teaching roles at the UCL Energy & AI lab, and specialised in energy, aerospace, and power systems at the University of Cambridge.
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Thomas Falconer

Data Scientist
Thomas is a Ph.D. candidate at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU) in the  Department of Wind and Energy Systems. His research interests include mechanism design and the economics of data within a power systems context. This generally involves problems at the  intersection of machine learning, optimization and game theory. Before starting his Ph.D., Thomas worked within the Data Science team at Arenko Group developing probabilistic models to forecast wholesale electricity prices and to optimize trading decisions for flexible assets.
Phan Viet Anh

Phan Viet Anh

UX/UI Designer
Phan Viet Anh, a passionate UX/UI Designer based in Vietnam, holds a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from FPT University. With expertise in all design tools like Adobe Suite, Figma, Webflow, Viet Anh crafts captivating digital experiences that prioritises user needs. His dedication to blending creativity with functionality ensures each project exceeds expectations. Anh's commitment to innovation and collaboration makes him a valuable asset in the ever-evolving world of design.
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Tim Minshall

Tim is a data scientist and full-stack developer with experience working in the offshore wind industry as a wind resource and metocean engineer. Tim has worked on engineering problems across a wide range of development stages: conducting wind resource studies, optimising wind farm layouts, visualising installation vessel data, and forecasting O&M site accessibility using machine learning. He also has experience preparing reanalysis and mesoscale data products for analyses and working with weather patterns. Tim holds a MEng degree in aeronautical engineering from Imperial College London and a MSc in Climate Change from the University of East Anglia.
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Sal Abu Rmeileh

Software Engineer
With over two decades in software engineering, Salameh has built a career on advancing technology from foundational programming to complex systems. His expertise lies in crafting and enhancing software architectures to improve system performance and user experience. Salameh designed and developed projects at academia and industry for major clients such as EasyJet, Asda, and BP. These projects have seen him streamline processes and integrate innovative solutions, making significant impacts in operational efficiency and client satisfaction. Salameh holds an MSc in Computer Science and a Ph.D in Cyber Security, he is also a certified IBM Data Science Practitioner – Instructor.
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Samira Kelly

Samira is a data scientist with a comprehensive background in energy systems and materials science. During her Energy Systems and Data Analytics MSc at UCL, she specialised in fuel poverty, spatial analysis, and the nuclear power industry. Prior to that, she conducted solar cell efficiency research from a materials science perspective at the University of Oxford. Samira also holds a degree in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Bath.

Non-Executive Team

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Ayrton Bourn

Non-Executive Director
Ayrton has a deep expertise of the power sector, developing data science tools and models for generation, supply, and electricity trading use-cases. He left a PhD focused on applying deep learning to UK electrical imbalance price/volume forecasting to join as the energy lead at Tesseract, a verticalised renewable energy supplier for the GB domestic market. At Tesseract he was on the pitching team for a record breaking $78 million seed-round, led a group of software engineers building out the backend for customer switching and metering, then moved to trading where he developed the forecasting platform and hedging strategy/risk monitoring systems. Ayrton also holds a first-class degree in chemical engineering.
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Laurence Watson

Non-Executive Director
Laurence Watson is a data scientist and analyst with broad experience in energy and climate change. He has previously modelled coal power asset stranding at Carbon Tracker and created methodologies to use satellite data to track coal emissions. He was head of technology at Ember, an NGO focused on reforming carbon markets. Laurence also has a breadth of experience within energy policy, working in Westminster for several MPs as a researcher across energy and industrial strategy briefs. He has a degree in physics from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Energy Systems from UCL.